Westover Gardens Trees Battered

Last night (9th June 2021) our local air ambulance landed at Westover Gardens right next to our trees! 

The whirling chopper blades blew them all for six of course, and the nearest (and tallest), which is a Nettle Tree – took the full force. 

Today we pulled it back upright and re-tied it to its stake.  The leaves were scorched from the drying winds – so we gave it another good drink. 

© Karen McKenzie

In the photo you can see the lighter area where the helicopter landed and the hot engine has scorched the ground.  Thanks to Sarah at number 8 for the water!

Over the other side of the green the hawthorns are flowering, which is a surprise as we didn’t expect this would happen until next year.  

Unfortunately, the three maples we planted have not coped with the extreme weather and despite regular watering have died.  It’s a great shame that they have died as they looked as if they were doing well and getting established and they had ‘leafed out’. They will have to be replaced in the autumn.

© Karen McKenzie

On the other hand these hawthorns look to be doing really well.

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