Sunken Garden

The Sunken Gardens are located in Westbrook between the Royal Esplanade and Westbrook Promenade on the seafront. Created in 1932 the gardens had been the target of vandals and suffering from rather unkempt stonework until the Sunken Garden Society (SGS) volunteers began their mission to raise funds and carry out work to revive the site. Plans include restoring the path network to allow access for wheelchair users, extensive shrub restoration, new plants and the recommissioning of the the water hydrants and restoration of the stonework.

The Sunken Gardens in its Heyday
The revival group was headed up by coastal warden Pete Hasted of TUF

TUF’s involvement has been in planting trees and shrubs to enhance the gardens. Given the nature of the site, all plantings need to be do well in the sea air.

TUF’s Sunken Garden Trees

Common NameScientific NameCultivar
Common HawthornCrataegus monogyna
Midland HawthornCrataegus laevigata
Hybrid Cockspurthorn (H)Crataegus x lavalleeiCarrierei
LoquatEriobotrya Japonica 
Monkey PuzzleAraucaria araucana 
RowanSorbus aucupariaEdulis
Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris