Hartsdown Park

Hartsdown Park is located between Hartsdown Road & Tivoli Park Avenue has been the home of Margate Football Club since 1929. The land that now forms the public park and woodlands were originally owned by the Hatfeild family who owned much of the land in and around Margate, it was sold in 1928 to establish the park. Hartsdown House was the Hatfeild family home and it can still be seen at the edge of the park, although it is now a children’s day nursery. A short avenue leads to the house, to the rear of which are the new Leisure Centre and swimming pool. There are some good specimen trees and shrubs but the emphasis is on amenity grassland for the football pitches and tennis courts.

Some of our bigger tree species have been planted here, where they will have space to spread out and not get in anyone’s way. Horse-chestnuts and beeches will be allowed to grow to their maximum heights.

The addition of this little Silver Birch grove at Hartsdown Park will really compliment the larger mature trees when they get to maturity themselves…

TUF’s Hartsdown Park Trees

Common NameScientific NameCultivar
Common OakQuercus robur 
Crab AppleMalus RudolphRudolph & Golden Hornet
European BeechFagus sylvatica 
European Horse ChestnutAesculus hippocastanum  
GinkoGinko biloba 
HazelCorylus avellanaRode Zellernoot
HornbeamCarpinus betulus 
Indian Horse ChestnutAesculus indica 
Italian AlderAlnus cordata 
Japanese ElmZelkova serrata 
Large-leave LimeTilia platyphyllos 
Norway MapleAcer PlatanoidesColumnare, Drummondii, Globosum, Pacific Sunset & Princeton Upright
Red Horse Chestnut (H)Aesculus x carnea 
RowanSorbus aucuparia 
Silver BirchBetula pendulaJacquemontii