George V Park

George V Park is a small park located on the Canterbury Road. This is the first scheme where we worked together with Kent County Council who were already planning a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) scheme for the  site.  TUF worked with the KCC Tree Officer and the Project Manager in charge of the design of the scheme to get as many trees as possible onto the site.  The park is now beautifully planted with a variety of trees & shrub, and wild flowers have been planted to disguise the emergency drainage areas as much as possible.

Planting & Landscaping Autumn 2020
The existing mature trees and the landscaped areas necessitated as flood control © Bo Beolens
New planting and landscaping © Bo Beolens
May 2021 © Bo Beolens

We planted a variety of trees on the site, and KCC planted some trees, many shrubs and flowers to attract wildlife including a sowing of grasses and wildflowers.

TUF’s George V Park Trees

Common NameScientific NameCultivar
Cut Leaved AlderAlnus glutinosaImperialis
Goat WillowSalix capreaKilmarnock
Golden Weeping Willow Salix chrysocoma 
Himalayan BirchBetula utilisJacquemontii
HornbeamCarpinus betulusFrans Fontaine
Japanese Flowering CherryPrunus serrulataKanzan  
Midland HawthornCrataegus laevigataPaul’s Scarlet
Monkey PuzzleAraucaria araucana 
Small-Leaved Lime Tilia cordata

KCC’s George V Park Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

Common NameScientific NameCultivar
Common HollyIlex aquifolium 
Common DogwoodCornus sanguineaMid-winter Fire
Common HawthornCrataegus monogyna 
European SpindleEuonymus europaeus 
Guelder RoseViburnum opulus 
Dog RoseRosa canina 
Meadow SweetFilipendula ulmaria 
Meadow CranesbillGeranium pratense 
Yellow IrisIris pseudacorus 
Purple LoosestrifeLythrum salicariaFirecandle
Solomon’s SealPolygonatum multiflorum 
Garden SpeedwellVeronica longifolia 
SnowdropsGalanthus Nivalis 
Common BluebellHyacinthoides non-scripta