Dane Valley Green

Dane Valley Green is a large area of open land located off Dane Valley Road. Part of the site was a reclaimed municipal dump. It is south of the Dane Valley Woods a planted area created by local people adjacent to allotments and stretching from the road to the railway line.

Dane Valley Green before…

Dane Valley Green is home now, to an ambitious project to create Thanet’s first arboretum of 200 trees from 50 different species. TUF has been planting trees in an 11 acre plot.

Mass turnout of volunteers involved in planting the valley

On the big day (20th February 2020) a spokesperson said:

“This is planned to be the biggest tree planting day of the whole ITTWI (now TUF) project so we need as much help on the day as possible. Planting 200 trees in one day is going to be an absolutely massive undertaking.

“We do have some tools for community use but if people have their own spade to bring along it will be great. The more people using tools at the same time means more holes get dug and more trees get planted.”

Despite high winds and cold weather conditions, more than 200 Thanet volunteers turned out to Dane Valley Green on February 22, 2020 to help plant 200 trees. The planting area stretched from the one end of Dane Valley Road up to the Sure Start Children’s Centre.

People arrived from 8am and the steady stream of helpers continued to grow, wrapped up, some sporting woolly hats and gloves, young and old, filling the air with a sense of purpose, determination and good  community spirit. Find out all about that event here.

DIGGING IN: Poppy,10, and Jacob Findley, three, were among those keen to get involved in the Dane Valley tree plant
May 2021 getting well established but still needs weeding and watering

TUF’s Dane Valley Green Trees

Common NameScientific NameCultivar (Variety)
AspenPopulus tremula Erecta
Bird CherryPrunus padusAlberti
Black Popular Populus nigra 
Common ServiceberryAmelanchier arboreaRobin Hill
European Nettle TreeCeltis australis  
GinkoGinko biloba 
Grey AlderAlnus incana 
Hawthorn (H)Crataegus x mediaPaul’s Scarlet
HazelCorylus avellanaCosford, Halle’sche Riesen, Rode Zellernoot, Webb’s Prize Cob (H)
Honey LocustGleditsia triacanthos 
HornbeamCarpinus betulusssp. Fastigiata, Frans Fontaine
Hybrid Cockspurthorn (H)Crataegus x lavalleei Carrieri
Hybrid Elm (H)Ulmus ‘Exoniensis’ × U. wallichiana) Clusius
Indian Horse ChestnutAesculus indica 
Japanese Pagoda TreeStyphnolobium japonicum 
Japanese RowanSorbus commixtaEmbley
JuneberryAmelanchier lamarckii 
JuniperJuniperus scopulorumSkyrocket
Norway MapleAcer Platanoides
Paper BirchBetula papyrifera 
Persian IronwoodParrotia persica 
RowanSorbus aucupariaJoseph Rock (Yellow) & Cardinal Royal
Silver BirchBetula pendulaFastigiata
Silver LimeTilia tomentosa 
Swedish Whitebeam (H)Sorbus x intermediaBrouwers
Turkish Hazel Corylus colurna 
Whitebeam Sorbus ariaLutescens, Magnifica & Majestica
Wild CherryPrunus avium 
Wild Service Tree Sorbus torminalis