Dane Park

Dane Park is a well established park located in Margate that dates back to 1898. Colourful Margate’s vision is to transform Margate into a cherry blossom destination that includes Dane Park. They started the planting of the first 16 cherry trees in Dane Park in October 2018 with support from residents, local businesses and local councillors, in close collaboration with the Thanet District Council Open Spaces Team and KCC Councillor Barry Lewis, and in partnership with Dane Valley Woods and Margate Civic Society.

Since then, with Colourful Margate’s vision, the number of cherry trees in Dane Park has increased to 124 (as at May 2021). Under the former partnership of ITTWI (TUF), which included Colourful Margate as a founding member, a total of 100 cherry trees were planted funded by the Urban Tree Challenge Fund.

The Cherry Blossom Avenue bordering one of the main paths through the park as well as the overall planting scheme of cherry trees for the site stems from Colourful Margate’s original landscaping work. TUF (as ITTWI) also included 20 trees of other species in the planting.

Avenue of Cherry Blossom Dane Park © Bo Beolens

Colourful Margate continues to pursue its mission for Dane Park and beyond in collaboration with a number of partners and funders, to make the cherry blossom destination a reality over the coming years.

TUF’s Dane Park Trees

Common NameScientific NameCultivar (Varieties)
Caucasian WingnutPterocarya fraxinifolia 
European BeechFagus sylvaticaAspleniifolia
European Nettle TreeCeltis australis 
Field MapleAcer campestreElsrijk (Yellow), Louisa Red Shine (Red), William Caldwell (Red)
Foxglove TreePaulownia tomentosa
Giant RedwoodSequoiadendron giganteum  
Hop HornbeamOstrya carpinifolia 
HornbeamCarpinus betulusssp. Fastigiata, Frans Fontaine
Indian Horse ChestnutAesculus indica
Japanese ElmZelkova serrataGreen Vase
Japanese Flowering CherryPrunus serrulataOkame, Umineko, Shirofugen, Taihaku, Kanzan
Judas TreeCercis siliquastrum 
KōwhaiSophora microphylla
Monkey PuzzleAraucaria araucana
Norway MapleAcer PlatanoidesCrimson King & Emerald Queen
Pride of IndiaKoelreuteria paniculata 
Upright Elm (H)Ulmus x PlantynColumella
Winter Flowering Cherry (H)Prunus × subhirtellaAutumnalis Rosea (H)