Large-leaf Lime

Tilia platyphyllos

Tilia platyphyllos is otherwise known as the Lime, Linden, Large-leaf Lime, Big-leaf Linden,  Broadleaf Lime and a dozen other variations. It is a deciduous tree native to much of Europe including southwestern Great Britain. It is particularly suited to lime rich soils. It is a wide dome shape and can reach as much as 40 meters high. It is widely planted in parks and has numerous cultivars. It readily hybridises with the small-leaf lime resulting in the T x europaea or Common Lime.

It is used in shelter belts and widely grown for its use as fodder, firewood, bast, ropes and honey production. 

Funky Facts File: There is a 700-year old tree in Slovakia known as the ‘Bojnice Linden’ after the medieval castle where it is located. It is good for wildlife and its aphids which exude a sticky honeydew which covers anything under the tree… a good tree NOT to park under.


Linden in Dane Park © Bo Beolens