Memorial Tree Re-Planted

Tuff staff members Peter and Kelly, standing by a newly planted Hawthorn tree in the Memorial Park, Broadstairs.  Brenda Chamberlain arranged for this tree in memorial for her husband John. Sadly that tree suffered damaged… but has now been replaced – we hope this one thrives to maturity.

Weathering the weather…

With the unpredictable weather we’ve had so far this year, with a combination of warmth and wet weather, it has been a good growing season and the trees are establishing well. Of course, the unseasonably strong winds we’ve been having of late could be a problem and cause damage, but the good news is that … Read more

Summer Maintenance

Throughout the summer months the dry weather (IF we get any!) will mean that young trees need watering to become well-established and thrive. For some trees its also a time to feed them to ensure they take up sufficient nutrients to grow and ensure that they leaf out next spring. Weeding around the base and … Read more

Westover Gardens Trees Battered

Last night (9th June 2021) our local air ambulance landed at Westover Gardens right next to our trees!  The whirling chopper blades blew them all for six of course, and the nearest (and tallest), which is a Nettle Tree – took the full force.  Today we pulled it back upright and re-tied it to its … Read more

Assistant Arborist – Urban Forester

Thanet Urban Forest Fixed Term Contract  to end December 2021 – 16 hours a week variable days, occasional weekends Thanet Urban Forest has a vacancy for a part-time Assistant Arborist to assist with the maintenance and planting of new trees across public parks and open spaces in Thanet. Previous practical experience and knowledge of trees … Read more

What’s in a name…

Scientific names may look complicated, or even unnecessary until you know why they have come about. In truth, its all because in different places even in a single country, and obviously in different countries, something will have lots of different names. Scientific ‘nomenclature’ was created (By Swedish scientist Carl von Linné [1707-1778] – confusingly known … Read more