Tasks for May…

Watering “Its a bit like painting the Forth Road Bridge,” says Operations Director Peter Hasted (pictures right), “…in the season, once we’ve finished watering all the trees we’ve planted, we go back to the beginning and start again!”

NOW Margate

The Sunken Gardens at Westbrook will take centre stage in the Margate Now 2021 festival this autumn. Anna Colin will be the festival’s guest curator of a contemporary art programme informed by ecology, botany and community from September 25-October 10. The event will be the eighth edition of the annual festival of contemporary art, music, … Read more


It’s always sad when trees are damaged by the very people who will benefit most by our plantings… young people. We hope their parents see this post and explain to them how badly the planet needs more trees.   The vandalised Tillia cordata and a Populus tremula in Tivoli Park where cleaned up on Friday … Read more

Blossom Day

As lockdown began to ease so Spring sprang up, cold but bright and sunning heralding the wonderful blossoms of fruit trees. Blossom day, celebrated in Japan, is catching on across the world!