Black Pine

Pinus nigra

Pinus nigra is commonly known as the Austrian Pine or Black Pine. It is a tree of the mediterranean forests. It is a large coniferous evergreen tree growing up to 55 meters in height. The grey to yellow-brown back is widely split by flaking fissures into scaly plates. The leaves are typical pine needles. The pollen cones appear in late spring or early summer with the seed cones maturing in Autumn. It is a light demanding tree, but is drought and wind tollerant. It  is found in plantations, shelter belts, parks, churchyards and large gardens throughout the UK.

A number of the nominate species Pinus nigra nigra were recently planted between Bethesda Medical Centre and the Cafe by the Thanet Biodiversity group including TUF’s Peter Hasted.

Funky Facts File: The trees are quite fast growing averaging two feet of new growth each year.

Pinus nigra corsicana © Myrabella Wikimedia Commons
Peter Blem© of Thanet Biodiversity Group and Labour councillor Rob Yates planting